Thursday, April 24, 2014

What does a GDC Speaker Eval look like

For anyone who is curious, here is what the results from a GDC talk look like (scroll down if you want to skip my intro and commentary).

One of the things I like about GDC is they track who attends, and automatically email people response forms. As a speaker this is great, I want to understand how people felt about the talk, and hear the negatives.

The basic scores and response rate help measure engagement and how well or poorly  you did. From my perspective good is only "ok" you really want to hit as many excellents as possible.

The comments are useful, when evaluating them I look for themes. I'm happy with the comments in this case because they show that:
  • My core message that narrative in multiplayer is possible and is something devs need to think about seems to have reached attendees
  • Numerous attendees said they found the talk useful (and I wanted to communicate actual techniques that could be used)
  • Some people actually said they enjoyed my talk the most of GDC which is humbling
The major negative themes seem to be that there wasn't enough content for experienced narrative designers - that's fair. The theme of the talk was more about applying existing techniques to multiplayer but I could have pushed for some more advanced content.

Storytelling in Multiplayer Competitive Games
Thursday, March 20 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Room 132, North Hall
Total Headcount: 278
Percentage of Evaluations Returned: 46.04%
Percentile in Design Track: 38th
Percentile in Overall GDC Main Sessions: 57th

Session Totals (This Session)
All Main Sessions
Design Track
Percentage of Responses
Average Percentage of Responses
Average Percentage of Responses

Great content. Great delivery. Today I learned.
Great analysis & examples, and immediately relevant to my work!
Highlight of my GDC so far! Clearly organized with great examples, smooth pacing, and inspiring directions to take back home.
A good set of rules and techniques for establishing narrative in multiplayer games.  But it really wasn't established why these stories are important in multiplayer games in the first place.  Especially when the narrative touch is implicitly made lightly in the first place.  It only convinces me, as a player, that the story is irrelevant.
Consummate professional. Excellent slide design.
Amazing , informative session, definitely the best one I attended. Fantastic.
- extremely well organized  - great speaker
Good talk, but lacking substance. Most of this was obvious through what they have done so far. Was hoping for what they are doing to improve
This was a strong narrative talk - great examples backed with real results data.
Great talk.
 Fantastic and articulate speaker!
Really loved hearing the panel discussion. The speaker was knowledgable about the topic and had some interesting things to say.
 Very confident and informative speaker.
 Best in field plus good presentation = win
So good!
Christina provided a wealth of tangible, actionable content in this talk, which she delivered with passion and confidence. Easily the most informative talk I saw this year.
Fun examples and solid takeaways. Would also have liked to see failures but understand time constraints.
A delightful and succinct set of guiding principals for non-obstructive narrative, relevant not just for competitive multiplayer, but for all games.
 Strong presentation and lots of great information
as a fan and a developer, it was very interesting new perception of the setting of League of Legends
People in general don't put much emphasis on League's lore, so I wasn't expecting to learn much from this, but it ended up being a really good presentation. Very interesting and useful concepts.
Best talk so far. Clear breakdown of benefits, pitfalls and techniques, even for someone who has never played LOL. It would have been great to discuss some other experimental ideas, but all in all it was really enjoyable and useful.
THIS TALK WAS AMAZING!!! It was super useful to hear how riot implements narrative and their rules of never making story interfere with the gameplay.
Very good session, clear slides, very good outline of the topic, and how to overcome problems with multiplayer narrative.
 Very interesting, and her post-session wrap-up was extremely insightful and welcoming.
This talk has no takeaway and ended up being a massive waste of time.
Great stage presence with many examples given on the topic. Love hearing about what worked and what didn't.
Nothing new for players of League, but assumed it would be useful for non-players.
Great content with appropriate and interesting case studies. Presenting style felt a bit too reserved with occasional pops of person-ability. Feel free to liven it up! :D
Information was mostly obvious and should've contained newer games (Titanfall) and possibly some areas of exploration for the future.
A great talk on narrative from a real expert in the field.
Great topic and speaker.
Very good topics, but did not provide good solutions.
Christina had a wonderful presentation and slide show. She had great examples, was clear, and ended on time. I would love to attend another one of her informational sessions.
 Very good conversation about making people care and resonate with characters in a very open-narrative structure.
Good session, a few points seemed a bit obvious but that might be because of my experience.
wish it had gone into more details/results about how the narrative interacted with play styles and competition
Excellent talk, well structured and presented.
Before this lecture I didn't believe in storytelling in repetitive multiplayer games.
Excellent speaker, interesting subject material.
Somewhat good.
Norman is a great speaker. I enjoyed the practical examples, as well as the acknowledgement that there are other techniques she didn't go into. Most designers think that "there's no story in PvP" and I think it's great to have a voice expressing a different view.
Great examples used to back up the points that were made. Nice personal touch
Speaker was well prepared with engaging material throughout the hour.  Very accessible and informative lecture for all branches of game development. Speaker handled questions very well.
well prepared and put together. Invite her back and get her to do a more detailed breakdown of designing story... like a workshop...
Very insightful
Very competent presenter. Great deck that supported what was being said and broke things down really well. Great job of highlighting the challenges of storytelling in multiplayer while providing viable rules and solutions


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