Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reverse POT

So I am moving to the US for a new job, suddenly I need to convert CAD to US. Time for a reverse norbert's gambit using TSX/NYSE: POT as my conversion stock.

Currency value at time of trade: 1.00 CAD = 1.03991 USD

I am going to go a into detail with this post and include all the numbers. I purchased 275 shares of TSX:POT at $55.68 CAD a share with a $9.95 trading fee through RBC direct investing. Total cost: $15321.95 CAD.

I then sold these same shares immediately as NYSE:POT at $57.94 with a $9.95 trading fee, for a total proceeds of $15943.45 USD.

My personal conversion rate for the transaction: 15943.45/15321.95 = 1.04056

So instead of paying currency conversion fees, I got slightly lucky and made .65 basis points in profit on the transaction. Much better than paying fees!

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